Not having fun

Posted: June 13, 2012 in Poem


I feel like a loser being used to do things that preempt abuse
Everyone wants the clown to frown and cry in the cold rain humming a sad refrain
So please do me a favor and shoot me in the brain

 I’m done
Not having fun

Bothered by status and twisted human culture
I sit in this cube and watch my life pass away
To fearful to stand and say
To fearful to runaway
To fearful to be me
Find my way in this insane landscape of today
When everything you do feels wrong
Feels subservient and there is no carrot

No prize
Barely making by on the pay
The pay they think is more than enough
Leaves my fridge bare and my gas tank light

I am tired
Tired of the idiots calling me dumb
Tired of the whispers as I come
Tired of smiling at people I wish I never knew
Tired of pretending to be something worth anything to you

I am done
Not having fun
Trapped in a windowed building staring at the sun
The sky is blue, dark, gray, clear, bright, rainy, stormy, or snow
I no longer care to know
The lights above me shine
They remain on
All night long

Without end
Without break
I think this life was a mistake

I call you to take me home
Wait until the human race has grown
Then maybe my soul will return
To better days not so forlorn

I hate the traffic I take
I hate the workload I make
I hate the cubicle where I live
And I hate the life I have created within

I am tired, done, I hate, and I am not having fun
I dismay this day – I dismay so better to run away


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