false reflections

Posted: July 13, 2012 in Poem

When the children of a loving God burn people at the stake
torture and rape
would God not look upon these people as a mistake
even forsake

their species and planet
for another worth more
for people worth fighting for

if these followers of love
spread disease and hate
no nothing of peace
and bring only pain
are they not the definition of insane

when you smile and say you are frowning
I would deem you nuts beyond all recoil
but in this world insanity is habitual
given the right permits you are allowed any dark ritual
but that of love and peace

society is ruled by the fearful
trembling as they peek over their shoulder
looking for their conqueror
why not start by slaying all those about
before they can you
we’ve seen this many times no doubt

hold up your heart to the God of love
swim in the blood you drink and chew on the flesh you eat
hate your neighbor and bomb their clinic
you are a terrorist that no one will name
for this is a societal game

You can dance in the flame
but I can only burn

not anymore!
I fear not for I am not fearful
I have died and returned
I have seen that land beyond
shown by none other than your God

We danced, us
The Gods’ genderless formless light
soft blue glowing right

I do not fear Gods
I do not fear man
I do not fear death
So come for me once again
And I will show you what a trained man can do with a pen

I have felt this love it makes
This unconditional responsible-less love
All I felt as I became one
was that I am home and this home is for every one

I did not worry for those left home
being beaten by those love worshipers tome
for I knew they would be here soon
to swim in the shadows of this full moon

not to know the pain of being
but to know the will of living
they may suffer
but for minutes
and soon they will know smother
of the one true mother

Let the beasts play
however not today
before my descent
I was asked to prevent

these love worshipers
from harming anymore
So I put myself out there
to deflect the bullets
to take down the signs
to silence their burning crimes

for you have shown us all what you do
and who you are
love worshipers killing innocence with a stroke
or two, or three, or four, hell throw in a dozen children more

we know not God
Those that do, only suffer until they return but do not try to own
the in-ownable

so you love worshipers
won’t you go
haven’t you already killed our dreams and become drunk on our stolen soul

My Insane love worshipers
can’t you leave
smear your filth somewhere else
where there be no seed to take hold
where you are met with warriors bold
reborn pagans, reincarnation told
A return to our natural ways

go then love worshipers
throw thyself of a cliff
and ask your love God to catch you before you fall
prove to me – you know it all.


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