Posted: June 19, 2013 in novel


Our heroine, Mona,

is a confused psychically gifted thirty year old woman who travels home to reveal a message that has been tormenting her very soul. Little is she aware of another as gifted, but with a darker set of values; has dispatched a team of mercenaries to silence her. As their attempt succeeds a motley crew of friends, family, and ex-lovers rush in for the rescue. They find Mona alive, but somewhat transformed. What begins as a simple cover up of events ends in an all out confrontation.

The battle rages,

and the situation grows more and more bizarre as Mona’s fight for survival depends on a fallen comrade’s abilities from beyond the grave. Mona – gripped with guilt – separates from the crew as they near their target. As Mona stalks her prey the group are guided to a place between worlds that offers a warm bed, nice cup of tea, and an elemental ability. Talk about leveling the playing field. It’s a good thing too as the battle begins at dawn, whether they are aware of it or not.


Leave your mark or go for a walk. Both sound pretty nice.

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