800 doses

Posted: November 25, 2013 in Poem


800 doses
I supposes
This is my new psychosis

I have this terrible habit
Of not listening when I should

My mental faculties are as sharp and blunt as wood
800 doses makes it as it should
A new addiction which I wish I would
Maybe break the habit or keep it instead
It depends if I can get out from under my bed

I am an emotional basic-case
I get lost in my head
And these doses come in handy
When it is I need candy

I purchase them in NH so they are cheaper
Could they be on the quick dial for the grim reaper?
Perhaps they are
Not really sure how far
My own expiration date will last
But until then I am going to have a fucking blast

And these doses

These 800 few
Trust me – at a time I purchase two
Taste sweet and give me something to do

These tiny 800 doses few.

Sometimes I get nervous
Even scared
Worried I disobeyed
Worried my life’s work will come out frayed

But not when my lips are wrapped around
This sweet scent from deep in the ground

I have had many crutches
In which my white knuckle clutches
To help me thru
The negative times two

Sometimes these dark times
Come so much it’s hard to rhyme
But even still with some time

I can release them

Move on – And find
The light at the end of this cloudy tunnel of mine

I am sinning
I am so sure
My body will pay
My age will not ignore

But for now my 800 doses help
They relax when I tense
They allow me to let go when I grip
That most slippery of slip

I am strange
due to the negativity in my brain

Is where I am trapped and cause most of my trouble
Not listening to my soul makes it double

I succeed one day and tomorrow it’s worse
Either way I end up in a hearse

So then,
What does it matter
This new dirty habit ladder

A friend came to lend
But another cemented the relief
These 800 doses do bequeath

So my new sin
My new friend
Helping me on the mend

Is a sweet tasty Tsunami
Hookah this you judgmental limy


Tsunami sucks – YouTube Video

Will this slow down my rush – probably no :0P


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