Posted: February 3, 2014 in Poem


Somewhere looming in fate.
Lies a destiny.
As to its pretense.
The depths of its way.
The security of materialism.
And the quenching waters of knowledge

What is this thing that lies?
How does one attain it?
Can you steal anothers?

If listen to carefully.
Can you hear it?
Does it have a pulse to find?
A rhythm to keep?

Can my feet find?
A path already under mine.
How is it a seeing person can get lost?
How is it a feeling person can deny themselves that?

How can we panic when there is nothing real to fear?

I gave my love away.
It was not returned.
The love is mine however forever.
And I have no fear of tomorrow.

Yesterday was filled with fear.
And there were many tears

Now all I have is today.
Surrounded by love I continue to play.
Destiny is the name of the stage I am on.
I’m guaranteed not to fall.
Yet still I look at the placement of my feet.
The dance is channeled.
Yes I try to own the moves.
I suppose this makes me the fool.

To become what I am meant to.
I must relinquish ownership.
For my path is set.
I only need to trust.

That I know all that I must.
Trust the movements of the body.
Trust the emotions are pure and unclouded.
To leap and not look…

I know failure.
So where’s the harm in blindly charging forth.
Only keeping in time with the pulse of my destiny.
regarding nothing but faith.


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