farewell my love

Posted: May 14, 2014 in Uncategorized



Every once in a while

A friend says goodbye

It is his time

It is her way


Oh how I wish I had one more day

Isn’t that what we all say

Except when it is someone we can’t stand

Then we bring out the band


But those times, in a wicked way, are fun

But not when your heart losses someone


That gaping hole

That constant ache

Death is – has to be a mistake


It isn’t

As cruel as that sounds

We will all end up back in the ground


All I can say

In this most pathetic way

See you my love

In another place

In another way.


I’m so glad,

I met you that day,

and am forever grateful,

we did play


Leave your mark or go for a walk. Both sound pretty nice.

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