And there lost beyond the grave

Crawling out of its shallow cave

Is a monster feared by most

Gross and disgusting it crawls into the coast


It wears its horrors on its flesh

Never burying its unwontedness

it owns its home

And cares not if it is left alone


Upon the sea it slowly bathes

Cleans the harshness of life away

This foul beast

That so many hate – Feel and believe it’s uncontrollably irate

Merely had a working mind

Like yours or mine


But it took it to that next level

Never self-projecting its own trouble

Instead wore it proudly

Demanding things change loudly


But the fear filled masses many

Concerned over profit = money

Turned away from the logic of his say

As it warned us of our behavior of the day


That we would cripple the seeds of tomorrow if we continued to stay

On this course of self-satisfaction today – Today – TODAY


The parents have crept into their children’s beds

Feed and fed until their very life force  is dead

As they belch their full they demand

We fall in line or receive reprimand


In line with what – I ask

our current self destructive task


To the generation of yester year

To the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and the millennium

You have done nothing worth doing

But what you have done was 100% ruining


You have done nothing to prevent

You have only solidified your children’s lament


So as the race of man died off one by one

Mutilated by industrialized food and the power of the sun

This beast called to gather everyone

To a place of survival with promises of future fun

But no instant gratification for anyone


But there was no plumbing or electricity in this cave

For survival is truly earned by the brave

The race of man has murdered and fed on its children


All but this one


This bruised and abused hated by everyone

This being will survive

but without another it will not thrive


Dear human race

Stop trying to save face

Yield to those with nonreligious Grace

Move over and let them make this world their place


For you and your kind are an unacceptable/intolerable disgrace




Leave your mark or go for a walk. Both sound pretty nice.

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