I have found a new love, so goodbye

Posted: July 2, 2014 in Poem
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downloadHere I am
nothing great
walking by
hearing you sigh

you make me turn
We catch each other’s eye
my heart beats as it begins to menace
we finish each other sentence

then i continue to walk
cuz you’re nothing special
but I am one of a kind
don’t feel like wasting my time

enjoying men – who know what they want
not boys that are terrified of love
I’m exploring with another more equipped

knows exactly the placement of the clit
understands women can only cum
from that spot external
i found someone
that understands this simple already uncovered anatomical truth

while i enjoy my multiple orgasms
iii hope you’re having fun too
iii have no ill will towards you

i know this will sound petty
but you will see it for what it is
you are too afraid to live life
and i am too strong to deny myself any of it

like oil and water
we will never meet
but for that minute

actually – i can’t recall what I ever saw

that’s when you know its done
long after any moments of fun
when you can’t remember why you ever loved someone
you are free to have something real


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