mr snuffleupagus

Posted: August 25, 2015 in Uncategorized


I’m not in the business of shaming,

But if you come at me – there is only you to be blaming,

Being a survivor is not an identifier,

But being told to remain silent is a sin,

Should signs not be put up to warn people of the dangers of a vacant sewer cap?

Why not can I then share my stories of pain,

With those around,

Perhaps healing will be found,

I feel bad when I hurt another,

Even if it is my perpetrator,

I have a heart my brother says,

How do I express myself honestly and share my stories successfully without showing the creatures around me for being as dark as a soul can get – cannot forget.

I always hear people say, hey he wasn’t that bad.. right? I mean we are all three dimensional.

So let him babysit your kids and see

So you like him – I get it – so you love him  – make me sick, nah forget it

Evil is an interesting thing, tangible and real… as he gropes for a feel

To murder a child is bad

To a rape a woman is … sad? I’m sure it’s her fault – even if she was five, six, seven, eight…

At what point does the evil own the mistake

At what point do I ever become free – or is this nightmare to always follow me

Like Big bird’s best friend – this evil, only I can see


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