Another asshole corporate move

Posted: April 25, 2017 in tantrum


I get two weeks paid vacation, but cannot use this vacation until it accrues.  It takes all year to accrue the time off, which means I’d have to wait until next year in order to actually have two full weeks’ vacation, obviously forgoing at least one full week of vacation this year in order to have that.

A law in MA was created for contract workers (temporary [but permanent] employees).  The contractors can work for the same company for well over ten years and still be considered contract or temporary employees.  This allows the corporation to not have to pay for sick time, paid time off, or family leave and of course no health insurance cause fuck ‘em right.  People breed, there’ll be more workers.

MA Senators saw this as a crime against the worker, rightfully so, and passed a low that contract workers will be allowed to accrue their time off, still no vacations or health benefits cause, fuck ‘em.

Well, the corporation saw this as another way to fuck over their greatest resource, their employees.  Although the law was meant for temporary workers who had no time off, you don’t work you don’t get paid, it ended up encompassing every worker in the state.

Senators in their wisdom, some of them are thinkers, added this clause;


So when I went to my company’s HR to request a confirmation of their policy they said it was the state’s fault, their hands were tied.  So even though I get two weeks paid vacation a year I will take my first week, mostly unpaid.  The HR rep also confirmed that I’d have to bring over a full week from the year before to actually use my 2 weeks a year.  I recall signing a contract giving me these two weeks within the calendar year – and I guess, like a sociopath holding a kitten underwater to drink, I will accrue my two weeks’ vacation exactly one pay period before the end of the year.

…or I could lose my job and call the attorney general to throw some education at this company.

What would you do?


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