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Posted: June 29, 2012 in Flash Fiction

“Grandma, please tell me the story how magic died?” Sam, a five-year old girl inquired. She had blonde hair so bright it was almost white and reflective blue eyes that seemed to match the sunny Arizona days.

“You know of the floating castle?” Grandmother asked rocking them both. Just over the hardware shop’s flat roof was a hazy looking castle on a bed of green grass and bright flowers. The castle was so large it looked at times to be only a few feet away instead of dozens of miles.

“Grandma I can see it.” Sam impatiently pointed out.

“Well, that castle was not always floating.” Grandmother informed. “Do you see the jagged sides of the dirt below. It was torn from this world and raised up. One day, hundreds of years ago, a woman came to town named Lilly. She wanted to build a school for other people like her.”

“Lilly hired all her workers from this town, which made the town grow. Why that hardware store was built by the same man who finished up the school.”

“Wow.” Sam said as she looked at the stores and then back to the castle/school.

“What we didn’t know, was Lilly was a witch. One day Lilly’s most favorite niece visited. She had blonde hair and the brightest of blue eyes, that matched the daytime sky.”

“Like me!” Sam screamed in surprise. She was happy to think she had something in common with someone.

“Yes like you, we will call her…”

“Sam!” Sam interjected.

“Sam. So, Sam was raised by Lilly for a little bit but was taken back by her brother and his girlfriend when Sam was ten.”

Grandmother showed the girls age in fingers and waited patiently for Sam to count them all.

“Lilly would visit Sam often, but Sam’s mom hated Lilly and told her never to come back. When Lilly saw Sam she was surprised and happy. She ran out to give her a great big hug, like this.” The grandmother squeezed Sam.

“What Lilly didn’t know was that for the last ten years Sam’s parents had filled her head full of fibs. Sam didn’t believe so she went to one of Lilly’s schools looking for Lilly, but she was turned away.”

“Why? Was Lilly there?” Sam asked

“No Lilly wasn’t there, but this hurt Sam very much. She began to hate Lilly.”

“Oh no.” Sam drew her hands to her mouth and nibbled on her nails.

“Sam made a promise to herself. She would be the greatest witch ever and kill her auntie Lilly.” Grandmother wondered if she should have chosen a different word rather than kill.

“Like dead!” Sam said while bouncing. The Grandmother nodded and shifted the child to another leg.

“As Lilly ran down the stairs Sam exploded a ball of energy from her hands. What Sam didn’t know was Lilly had created a shield around the school. The ground shook as the shield hummed and tore the school and its grounds up into the sky. The trapped magicians used all their magic to create those giant chains you see holding it down.”

“Wow.” Sam spoke, “but how will they get back?”

“It is said, that both Lilly and Sam will be reborn. This time Sam will not be raised by her mother and father but by Lilly. Only by working together will they be able to break the spell on all the schools and return magic to the land.”

“Wow!” Sam leaped off her Grandmother’s lap and ran off practicing the conjuration of energy spheres.

An old man with a crooked cane wondered by, tipped his hat and smiled. “Howdy Lilly. You look younger and younger every time I see you.” Lilly smiled and even blushed a little. At that same time Sam had managed to create a tiny spark, in which she threw across the room with a scream, catching the curtains on fire.

“Excuse me a minute Robert.” The old woman slowly stood, popping all her rigid joints and shuffled to the back room. Where with a wave of her hand drenched the curtains. Sam looked to her in amazement and Lilly looked back with caution.