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class war ~ what?

Posted: July 23, 2012 in horror, Poem


I hear the white collared cry of class warfare as they are meagerly taxed.
Warfare they say. I truly hope so.
For it is about time – you joined in the show.
I say the war on the poor shall be no more!

You tell yourself we earned it
like a slave to his color
you would know like no other
you judge us drunkerds full of vices
perhaps these be your sacrifices?

Perhaps we made bad choices walking the streets
sluts and perversions lost in the deep
or do you need something below you – this status to keep
what is a perversion then?
What you must do to live or what you live to do?
Bain Capital might be the antichrist to you
and a 5 dollar blowjob pure heaven too

so how harshly can the rich judge the poor
when like Oliver twist they ask for more
however they do not ask but it is you that takes
cuts and scrapes what little we make

why have you continued this battle
whose soul are you trying to rattle

Tearing at a strangers flesh
projecting your own personal wish
But man is animal more animal than we admit
the truly poor know this as they wallow in this special shit

those that fight for one another
everyday we duck bullets
dodge rapists
walk in schools as not to be picked off
by the larger of our stronger fools

we know war
we understand loss
we find the bodies of friends tucked in the wood
buried in pools
forever misunderstood

taken by their own families
father’s twisted minds
officials drunken power
to them they will bind

what has no voice
barely any protection
or legal recourse

has two arms and two legs
even without proper meds
even without food or home
we grow and have grown

we are the many and you be the few
wait for it
for we will come for you
you sleep on soft beds in cul de sacs

you educated, healed, and well fed meek
we are tempered on the street
we fight and struggle
and will bring you our own brand of trouble

how long can you keep us down
take away our vote
take away our rights
and expect us to be docile and not fight

perhaps you are religious idiots
thinking man is not animal but dust
believe whatever it is you must
for your bones will just as easily crush

beneath the weight we now shift
from our shoulder’s onto to yours
How will you fair when it is you hear

our footsteps coming near
millions marching as one
demanding to live
willing to die for a slice of pie

my dear politicians
as moronic as any court jester
telling us to eat cake
is a grateful mistake

for we will take
back what is all of ours
not just yours
because you have paper

I have
two arms
and two legs
I have two eyes
and a strategic brain
born of battle – derived by war

I am a survivor and what is in store

I have survived my family of terrors
a father’s love that should have been measured
Neighbor’s waiting to take what is unearned
the larger eating the younger
in this never-ending battle you now yearn

we are steel forged by the fires of man’s true hell
and I dare you to take on this spell

change this world with deeds of good
showing what it is to have motherhood

let go of yourself
and gamble not
feed your neighbor and be not forgot

sow seeds of kindness and peace
Let go of tawdry fines and rescue that missing child of mine
do not pull that car over for 14 day old tags
arrest that white collared hag

you feed upon us
what was never yours

but are about to realize

as you show us no love
why should we then
be the better of our animal
let us take instead
your property and dig a grave, or better yet
watch you hang

for you have brought back debter’s prisons – I dare!
perhaps you think we fear
you know us not
you have forgot
we live here!

in the worst you have to offer
we mend our broken bones with tape
we heal our infections with underground prescriptions
we are tougher than any that might be
counted amongst you
I dare you to come and see

you run on a treadmill
we run for our lives
you eat well and bathe
we starve and strive

do you think you could handle our life
we think we would like to try yours for a spin
so when we arrive
won’t you let us on in?  :0)