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Gregg marched towards a large concrete building. She had to arrive by taxi since the trains apparently have to get their beauty rest. She loved public transportation that wasn’t 24/7.

How half-assed, She brushed off the April mist smoothing out her pants – which were perfectly pressed. Gregg being a powerful, earth shattering witch – commutes. How she hasn’t slain the masses is a wonder to all that know and can’t stand her. Even she has been surprised by her patience with the normals – cowan.

The waxing fingernail moon held strong center in the dark blue sky. It reminded her of her brother’s nail biting. Gregg shivered slightly as the wind sneaked underneath her navy blue trench coat. The seven story state building was one public service that never closed. She hated to admit it, but she loved her work.

On the eighth floor paced an angry and stressed Captain.

“Why is she coming here?” He barked at his communications officer.

“An exchange sir.” Sandy answered back knowing the Captain wasn’t listening.

“What! This isn’t the Red Sox. Who – Who are we trading?” He marched in and out of his open office. His gray hair was in perfect hat head form. His white beard was pristine and trimmed to protocol. His dark navy blue uniform was adorned with medals and his shoes were polished mirrors. He was prepped and ready, just not prepared. The elevator dinged as his eyes locked on it. As the door opened a female silhouette emerged causing the Captain to move forward until the shadow hit the light.

“Oh G.” The Captain shook off the stress.

Gregg nodded moving as swiftly as she could for her dusty corner office. Wow Murray seems a bit stressed today. Maybe it’s the new guy. She laughed at this as she threw her damp jacket on a hook and spun herself dizzy with her chair.

The Captain froze for a second as he watched G rush past him. Well she’d be perfect. She’d also get this person killed. The Captain didn’t necessarily find the person’s death as negative as that person might. But if the person lived, would most likely be scared shitless. They’d never exchange so much as a canine with us again.

“Eureka!” The Captain snapped his fingers together releasing a tiny spark. Sandy let out a grown.

Sandy projected herself temporary sneaking away from the Captain while still being visibly present. She leaned on the door frame watching her longtime friend spin herself dizzy. She shook her long pony-tailed blonde hair and rapped gently on the wall. Gregg stopped immediately. She used the desk to pull herself upright and center.

“Murray is losing it.” Sandy faintly spoke. Gregg looked up and saw the whisp that Sandy’s projection made floating on the opposite side of her glass door. She always wondered what the point of a glass door was anyway.

“Sandy, Sandy, Sandy, when isn’t he loosing it.” As Gregg looked up she noticed Sandy had faded away and the Captain was now in her place. For a brief moment Gregg wondered if Sandy could now shapeshift her projections. Gregg peeked past the Captain to see Sandy looking on anxiously. She shrugged her shoulders and mouthed “Sorry”. Gregg nodded her wide eyes and stood to great the Captain all the while hoping he heard nothing.

“Captain.” Gregg raised her arm and waved the Captain in offering him a seat.

“G. G – G – G.” He tapped his spit shinned toe. Gregg began to worry.

“Sir?” She asked, she had too.

“Uh Sir!” Sandy saved the day. The Captain’s head spun around so fast he wrenched it. He could see the cowan Congresswoman entering with a smartly dressed beat cop by her side. The Captain snapped his sparking fingers at G then pointed for her to follow. The Captain massaged his locked in place neck trying not to look so wounded. Gregg hurried up along side simultaneously joining the group. She reached up and gently pinched the Captain’s neck. His muscles relaxed immediately.

“Is that eucalyptus and mint?” The congresswoman asked.

Dealing with female cowan is trickier than their male counterparts but not always. The keepers of the womb are afforded certain survival instincts the seed keepers don’t require. There is a certain sensitivity child bearers have to the universe. Even an undiscovered reincarnated witch can realize her potential without the aid of the college.

The cowan is a term witches use to identify those that do not and/or can not see. A cowan might declare there is no such thing as ghosts. This of course would insight hysterics here but is a common belief in their mundane world. They also think souls have a mortal anatomy and the afterlife is full of inanimate material stuff – like homes. In the past these cowans have tortured, murdered and worse anyone they thought may even be a witch. A lot of innocent cowan died but the old faith remains deep within them. This keeps the noncowan on edge and some what frustrated. It is inevitable that a cowan will evolve into a witch or wizard.

The frustration stems from the forced disconnect the cowan have enacted. One thing every witch and wizard knows is that a cowan may kill what it doesn’t understand or may learn something but they will most assuredly slaughter what they fear – and whatever that fear is standing next to, across from, over, underneath, second cousin on the step-father’s side – dead. They did invent the nuclear bomb – not very precise people. Oh and torture. While witches/wizards uncovered herbal medicines and stronger metals for mold-able tools. Two very different life paths, but the cowan can never destroy the witch and the witch understands to destroy the cowan is to destroy themselves. So we play this game.

Gregg smiled warmly at the congresswoman and made sure to lock eyes. “Yes, ma’am.” Gregg replied suspiciously eyeing the cowan officer. “The Captain wrenched his neck.”

“And like a good little witch you healed him.” The way the Congresswoman said witch silenced the entire floor. Oh witches are peaceful. They are the most enlightened and peaceful beings on the planet. They are born with an awareness of their prior lives and often come across the soul that took theirs; maybe even their children’s lives yet they will not harm the new form. The Congresswoman was one such form. The floor watched her like a hawk to a rat. She was familiar to them, to them all. The pitch of her voice, how she carries herself, her mannerisms, she was cluelessly telling them all about her.

“Good, bad, I’m the one that can turn you into a toad.” Gregg swiftly replied. the kept officer cracked a smile at this. The Congresswoman was less than pleased as her temperature began to rise adding to the shade of pink she had already painted on.

“If you would,” The Captain used his strong and steady voice to control the Congresswoman’s temper. “please to follow me to my office.”

The Captain turned sharply and marched them into his office. Gregg was tempted to cut the Congresswoman off in midstep but allowed her to follow tightly behind the Captain. Once they had all huddled into his soundproof cell the Captain manually shut the door. Normally it would close on its on, but Murray didn’t want to scare the already frightened any further.

“So this is…” Started the Captain.

“think of it as a liaison program. Where one of ours gets to learn all about yours.” The Congresswoman spoke through her teethy grin.

“Oh, so am I liaising with your old crew?” Gregg asked curiously speaking to the officer. He seemed to be a shy fellow as he made no attempt to speak or move. Always like a cowan to play dead in front of their Alpha.

“No.” The Congresswoman replied. “besides you were cowan once. Therefore you know everything don’t you.”

“True, but it’s been lifetimes since my vision was that narrow. I have most likely forgotten to hate people different from me. Is it still the commies? Or could it be the black farmers? No no I hear you people are so demented it has come down to what hole they stick it in.” Gregg had gone too far and worshiped every second of it. The redder the Congresswoman got the more smug Gregg became.

“So it’s one sided.” The Captain evoked the voice silencing the room. “This certainly limits your people Martha, but who am I to care.”

“limits? Why we have him. He will report his findings directly to my office.” The Congresswoman blindly defended.

“Cowan.” Gregg spit the word out with disdain. “You’re sending a blindman into the Louvre for a description of the Mona Lisa. You are aware you have to evolve to this point – naturally.

“Lt.” The Captain glared at her.

Sir, you’re not serious. Gregg telepathically spoke. He wont even be able to see most of the emanations, and he has no protection.

“Ah yes – you have to sign this waiver and there will be some minor training.” The Captain tossed a manuscript of forms on the desk near the Officer.

“this seems a little much.” Martha leaned over the Officer scanning thru.

“Sir, I’m signing away my soul?” The Officer spoke and his human voice shook. Gregg was surprised at the softness of his voice. His cover shadowed his eyes, but from the jets of unconfined hair which peaked from underneath his cover he was blonde.

“No. Never do that son. Ever!” The Captain’s tone had gone to authoritative and as his voice rose the lights began to dim and the walls felt as if they were closing in on them.

“Yes Sir.” replied the nervous Officer.

“there is a possibility you might lose your soul.” The officer looked at him with wide eyed bewilderment. “We believe in our society that we should be completely forthcoming with all information so that the soul is able to make a true intelligent decision. To stunt the person is to stunt us all.”

The officer could only nod at this.

“Lt. Georgia W Messenger will escort you through training, answer all questions, and if need be travel through the etherial in order to recover your soul.” Captain Murray stepped aside and presented G to…

“I’m Investigator O’Conner, recently promoted.” He grinned.

Captain Murray soaked O’Conner in and liked what he saw. He folded his arms and gave him a once over.

He’s so unsure of himself, G interrupted Murray’s thoughts with her own.

His ego is in check, The Captain nodded. I like him. Keep him safe and let him feel like he’s spying on you.

“What?” She accidentally said aloud. She grinned to the Congresswoman and nodded a hello to O’Conner. Spying?

The cowan is here to spy, throw him a few bones. Leave your journal out for him to peruse or absently leave the files unlocked.

The game. The stupid cowan game. Gregg moved over and took O’Conner by the arm.

“Is it too early to steal you?” She was asking the Congresswoman. O’Conner tensed in her presence and further stiffened as she touched him, just not in a good way. “I’d like to show my new man our digs.”

Murray nodded and couldn’t help but snap his heels together. The Captain escorted the Congresswoman to the cafe for a midnight coffee and chat.

“So, you’re a spy huh.” Gregg asked jumping in her chair and offering up the others to O’Conner.

O’Conner fidgeted a bit with his uniform.

“You no longer have to wear that. Plain clothes is best to be honest. Non retardant though.” Gregg was relishing this too much. “Dragons.” She added, knowing full well dragon died off thousands of years ago – but there’s always that hope.

“Dragons.” O’Conner took his cover off and brushed back his thick blonde hair. He was attractive – no Yummy! All he needed was a tan and you might think he was a surfer. His nose was large (don’t ask why, but this was Gregg’s immediate favorite feature) and his jaw was cut from stone – his ears complimented him perfectly. Gregg was gazing at him. He could sense it – huh, he could see it. The entire floor noticed the energy shift. Gregg shook herself free but not before overly flushing.

“Are you alright?” He asked

Gregg crossed her legs thought of the last plague of boils she had to quarantine. She absently unbuttoned her blouse, just enough to get air. Trying to save face – or perhaps hide her foolishness she aged herself slightly. “Menopause.” She nodded.

O’Conner being a curious heterosexual looked at the late thirty year old before him and grinned. It was a Cheshire cat grin – Gregg noticed. She also noticed his eyes didn’t waver. For a moment, they locked. Gregg looked away knowing she was already in way over her head.

“Uhg,” She groaned switching her mood as fast as she could “Raincheck.” O’Connor looked puzzled. Gregg pointed to the miles of paperwork he needed to accomplish. “Step one; sign your life away. Step two; learn how not to get murdered, possessed, eaten, fried, cursed, and sometimes on a good day turned into a gelatinous primal ooze.”


Raincheck babe


Raincheck, I hate that word as much as I need to use it. Gregg a female officer stared into her reflection in the midnight mirror. Her cellphone lite up vibrating itself off the side of her bathroom sink. She caught it with her lightning fast reflexes only to see her on/off lover’s text flash “Raincheck babe”.

Babe” Gregg scoffed trying to tame her frizzed hair. She growled at her reflection as she attempted to flatten the nonconformists. Her deep hazel eyes reviewed her shelves of chemicals. “Natural is always better.”

Gregg flicked her wrist and produced a finely carved willow wand. The light wood spiraled around itself reaching a fine rounded tip. It was soft to the touch, oiled by her sweaty palms; a tiny Celtic knot and Aztecan symbols were carved delicately into its skin. She tapped the wand twice in the air, to shake off any prior uses before touching the tip of her nest with it. Her hair flattened, shined, and slowly curled out at the bottom. Gregg then eyed her lip and eye armor.

I guess I don’t need you seeing how now I’m not going out. Gregg flipped her wrist calling her wand back into her self. She turned her back resting her buttocks on the sink edge. She began to curl her hair around her fingers trying to plan her next move. She wanted to get her man back for his no-show and on Valentines day (Lupercalia) of all days. Sure her normal human man was off saving the word. Last week it was cooking at the homeless shelter in Oregan and now it’s the local veterans that need help. If Gregg could offer her other early 40 somethings any dating advice, it would be never to date an angel. He isn’t an angel yet and for the record don’t listen to those Catholics – no really. Angels aren’t ethereal beings created to aid God – that one male guy who seems to keep it all straight. No they’re souls – human souls that are in the process or about to move on. They are so perfect and nothing here in this realm can teach them to be any better, stronger or wiser. So you can see how Gregg finds them to be all too edible.

In her own high powered executive way she has some sick need to corrupt them. Keep them trapped here for a few more cycles. This may be why she has been here as long as she has.

Her guides whisper and warn her as she plans her evening of free love, a sex-tape or two, and the final coup de grace having a threesome with his mother.

That’ll get his attention, she marched over to her walk in closet. She has one outfit that repeated over twenty-five times. It was a sharp red blouse, deep blue blazer and matching pants. Her clear bright eyes never once flickered towards her more dangerous and sultry of wares. Her guides whispered. They tug her towards her mission, her passion, her purpose. The one reason she soul goes around and around again, to protect the living.

But I don’t wanna go in.” She whines as she reaches for her uniform. Her little brother appears in the corner of her eye. “Can I help you?” She asks without looking up.

You’re meeting someone new today.” Joe sat next to her on the bed. His crystal blue eyes glowed. She managed to loop her laces into bunny ears when they caught her eye. She had always wished she was born with those.

I meet someone new every time I go out.” Her bang-less shoulder-length black hair rolls over her cheek and begins to tickle her nose. She blows the locks away as she wrestled with her other navy blue sneaker. “You’re so handsome.” Joey rolls his eyes and mocks a raspberry with his lips. His dark freckles seemed to sparkle on his paper white skin. He was tall and lanky, not very muscular but his features were chiseled, pointy. He could cut glass with his jaw. Gregg hopped over to her dresser whilst securing her other foot. She onced over her appearance in the mirror. She had to twirl to confirm. Once she walked around all day with a staticly attached sock on the back of her thigh. To onlookers it looked more like a maxi-pad than a sock.

Are you worried?” Gregg opened up her witch’s cabinet and fondled her talismans and amulets. “Which one to help, which one to harm less?”

Maybe one to help you see.” He grinned.

Hannah is off. She is exploring her college years – why can you not haunt her.” Gregg found what she needed and began to tuck them onto her person.

Her college is paid for. She knows nothing of my ways – even though she has potential.” Joe shot her daggers as his eyes began to storm. A sore spot between the two has always been his daughter Hannah. She was born different, just has Gregg was but not as Joey had been. He had no abilities that had yet developed and had always been somewhat frightened by those that had. Gregg continued her normal life. She never invited over the wrong type of person.

Joseph. You did a wonderful perfect job. Hannah is a kind intelligent empathetic human being.”

But…” He bit his stunted thumbnail.

She’s old enough to make up her own mind and find her own way.” She buttoned the blazer.

Like you did.” Joey mocked. Gregg was drawn, led, practically forced to become what she was. That frightened Joe more. The fact that the universe does care and something invisible out there is actually playing a hand in our lives makes him feel the need to wretch. That and he never felt like it paid him any mind – ever.

Hey – handsome,” He turned to see his sister armored up for another long night of keeping the normals safe. His id wanted him to switch places with her. He had tried and Gregg was even kind enough to let him wear the suit. The blouse was a bit loose up top but the blazer fit nice. “Everything is going to be ok. You know this.”

I do,” he nodded “and it will.”

Gregg kissed her hand and showed it to him. Joe did the same. He watched his sister leave and slowly he faded invisible. He took his natural bodiless form. A translucent sphere he bopped through the door and followed her to work randomly checking in on Hannah. The greatest thing about not having a body – well there are way to many advantages to count really, is that time and space do not exist. He thinks about Hannah, he is there, watching her study even though everyone else is out drinking. He has to stay at least 3 feet away. She can sense him, and everytime he would wonder too close – she would burst into tears. So he floated near the ceiling over her roomates desk as far across the room as this allowed. Being dead was a funny thing for him. He didn’t miss his family or his friends. He new they would be OK because eventually they would pass just like him and return to the pool. There is only one emotion in this pool, and almost every man made created religion knows this solitary truth. The pool is pure, unbalanced, unconditional love. No other emotion exists – so therefore the dead can feel only what the pool is fueled by.

It hurt at first. Joey wanted to reject the emotion so used to the apathetic loathing of current human existence. His struggling poor life and then going home to find our true purpose is so simple. Mankind was never meant to rule itself – it can’t. Mankind controls, owns nothing – not even their temporary shells are theirs. They are a gift from the planet… which can be reclaimed. Joey smiled at his daughter. For a second she looked up at him. She held the same crystal blue eyes and the connected. She smiled. Joey brightened at the show of affection and for a second Hannah could see him. She saw her young father sitting on top of her roommates desk. Her mind too the knowledge of the soul’s sphere and painted his figure before her.

Miss you daddy.” As her tears began to fall Joey moved closer. She could smell him now. A strange air came with him, filled with electricity. He pushed her hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear. She wanted to touch him. Tears began to fall and Joey blinked away. Back to Salem to look after his sister – who had done her best to look after him.