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2016, November the 8th

Posted: November 16, 2016 in Poem, political


November the 8th

November the 8th

Oh what a mistake

came from November the 8th


at first we thought

how bad could it be

for little old you or me

it got bad as we got mad

and well,

The Alt right rose and white people marched in rows

not all but most

telling us all how to live our lives as they kept post

Your skin is too dark, they’d say

As they carried my neighbor away


Ah, November the 8th

November the 8th

Oh what a mistake

came from November the 8th


The Trumpets were all the rage

Beautiful women burning books

Showing us all how we should look and cook

But now for those flat chested ones just the cage

The cubicle sin for what you’ve been given

hid them away and made them pay

for not having the most popular features of the day

forget equal pay or self respect

there was nothing of any of us left


Ah, November the 8th

November the 8th

Oh what a mistake

came from November the 8th


No educational fixes just higher taxes

Corporations being lifted by our breaking backes

Soon us Americans couldn’t work in our own land

for simple math was beyond our command

So foreigners were brought in to perform

and we were demanded to conform


Ah, November the 8th

November the 8th

Oh what a mistake

came from November the 8th


Deportations began

Of true and real citizens

As it never stopped our country before

Why would they care, it was after all only the poor

The blight on the golden dome for sure


Ah, November the 8th

November the 8th

Oh what a mistake

came from November the 8th


The only small saving grace

Was our forced migration put us in the right place

To watch as our old home burned to the ground

In some world war or so what was whispered around town

I felt bad for a minute, but then realized we earned it.



Posted: September 29, 2015 in Poem
Beautiful young woman jumping on  the beach with a colored tissue

Beautiful young woman jumping on the beach with a colored tissue

For me the love comes from looking above

To that world seen yet invisible

To be added to and made divisible

This heralding in of green exhales

How I love you in every detail

downloadHere I am
nothing great
walking by
hearing you sigh

you make me turn
We catch each other’s eye
my heart beats as it begins to menace
we finish each other sentence

then i continue to walk
cuz you’re nothing special
but I am one of a kind
don’t feel like wasting my time

enjoying men – who know what they want
not boys that are terrified of love
I’m exploring with another more equipped

knows exactly the placement of the clit
understands women can only cum
from that spot external
i found someone
that understands this simple already uncovered anatomical truth

while i enjoy my multiple orgasms
iii hope you’re having fun too
iii have no ill will towards you

i know this will sound petty
but you will see it for what it is
you are too afraid to live life
and i am too strong to deny myself any of it

like oil and water
we will never meet
but for that minute

actually – i can’t recall what I ever saw

that’s when you know its done
long after any moments of fun
when you can’t remember why you ever loved someone
you are free to have something real


And there lost beyond the grave

Crawling out of its shallow cave

Is a monster feared by most

Gross and disgusting it crawls into the coast


It wears its horrors on its flesh

Never burying its unwontedness

it owns its home

And cares not if it is left alone


Upon the sea it slowly bathes

Cleans the harshness of life away

This foul beast

That so many hate – Feel and believe it’s uncontrollably irate

Merely had a working mind

Like yours or mine


But it took it to that next level

Never self-projecting its own trouble

Instead wore it proudly

Demanding things change loudly


But the fear filled masses many

Concerned over profit = money

Turned away from the logic of his say

As it warned us of our behavior of the day


That we would cripple the seeds of tomorrow if we continued to stay

On this course of self-satisfaction today – Today – TODAY


The parents have crept into their children’s beds

Feed and fed until their very life force  is dead

As they belch their full they demand

We fall in line or receive reprimand


In line with what – I ask

our current self destructive task


To the generation of yester year

To the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and the millennium

You have done nothing worth doing

But what you have done was 100% ruining


You have done nothing to prevent

You have only solidified your children’s lament


So as the race of man died off one by one

Mutilated by industrialized food and the power of the sun

This beast called to gather everyone

To a place of survival with promises of future fun

But no instant gratification for anyone


But there was no plumbing or electricity in this cave

For survival is truly earned by the brave

The race of man has murdered and fed on its children


All but this one


This bruised and abused hated by everyone

This being will survive

but without another it will not thrive


Dear human race

Stop trying to save face

Yield to those with nonreligious Grace

Move over and let them make this world their place


For you and your kind are an unacceptable/intolerable disgrace




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I met a man

No sorry a boy

As he liked to play games

With my heart

We met in June

And I did swoon

Not for his looks

For he has none

No ass, no bum, no one thing

He was as skinny as a rail

Unappetizing at every reveal

Yet somehow I feel

I felt for him a connection

I have felt it before

So I know it will come again

I wait for the restore!!!

However, this asshole

The one I met

This coward for some reason I cannot forget

My neighbor says closer is needed

Hence this poem

To release my internal tome

To pick and decimate his bone

June it began and for a moment lovely seemed

As electric became the air and our smiles gleamed

He told me he wanted a partner in crime

I thought this is my time

He told me he was busy

This made me dizzy

I do not play games with others that aren’t fun

It is never my goal to hurt someone

But he saw me and knew he could abuse

So he left me there dangling in mid air

I waited for something from someone who didn’t care

He told me to wait

That November we would date

The month came and gone

As my heart wrote a depressing song

But I am an optimist

Stupid as can be

I couldn’t give up

On that energy

Maybe he knew this and enjoyed it

But that would offer some emotion towards it

Which I hate to admit, his lack, is more truer than he is a shit

Where to start and when

It only gets worse from here on in

December now

Oh how

I made it to his birthday party

Travelled far

There another girl arrived

One worth his consideration and time

Now I see what isn’t mine.

She has another

And with him agree will not bother

She’s smarter than me

But seeing how he fained

Left me sad and grave

So I cry and cried

I made it through that shitty night too

And still did not move on

Dumb dumb dumb

So I invite him to my birthday, just around the block from his place

He couldn’t make it – faked ill to save face

Never returned my texts and never cared

Again I know but I was optimistic

So I tried painfull self abuse ensured.

For I am better than this I knew

March it is

I asked him to my cousin’s jill and jill

He said he would love to go

Heard that so often only to find out in reality it was a no

Which it was you see for he played games with me

He’d call and lead me on

Then drop me and pretend he was gone

Sure sure sure

Sometimes people aren’t sure

So they keep others on a rope

Just out of reach but close enough

I am that dope

Encase they find themselves alone

They can pull it in and remain whole

What a motherfucking asshole

So I sent him a final text

“Guess I’m not your cup of tea. Can’t blame a girl for trying.”

No response, no nothing

A turtle hiding in his shell

An ostrich buried deep

I deserve better

Not a pathetic loser – how cheap

I am not interested in him or what he is peddling

All he does is meddling

He has no heart

Or personal strength

He is an asshole with a wretched face

Some people earn their treatment

He has earned my detestment

For my own betterment

I am going to ask

Make the next one last

Make him know what he wants

Make him a man of his word

Not as homely and absurd

Make him strong enough to catch me when I fall

Make him wise with understanding

Make him lack parental reprimanding

Make him want an equal to begin banding

To fall in love

To dine

till the end

Make him mine.

No more wasting eight months of my time

On someone whose character was so weak

frail and frigid not worth a solitary heart beat

I only ask for someone equal to me


But that asshole

That Lucious prick

He can go and suck his own dick



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The crow carries my soul

To places in which I must go

Beyond the realms that I know

It holds back nothing to show

I love this crow

That feeds my soul

This silent black shadow

this swooping master of speak

this amazing seer into the deep

it calls us all

to show the way

if we remain faithful and stay

our dreams manifested become

easily to us

as they should

but still

if we ignore this creature beyond our sill

it will continue to try

without break or respite

it will strive

to make us all whole

to help us survive

until it is we die

and then return

the great gift given

by feeding that

which we have heeded


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tired somber sounds croak from between my lips
I tighten my belt and fantasize over bacon smelt
as I rise for the day and beg to be paid
less than what I am worth
more than they think I deserve
a point of contention arises
but my self-worth is solidified
by clients amazement and pride
in the work I now provide
won’t they be surprised
when I leave for another
with a longer ride
but more money to satisfy
the most lavish of things
like food and fuel
fix it up tools
my wariness must go
as so shall I