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As I watch the republican base follow Trump off a cliff I recall the words of a film character: Stupid is as Stupid does.  I wish he’d stop saying he’s a self-made business man – as that is a boldface lie, he worked in his dad’s real-estate company using his dad’s money… not so self-made. But there is no telling the racist misogynists this – they are just happy to follow another moron around, sniffing at his backside like the inept four-legged beasts they are.  Apparently they still can’t get over the fact they can’t kill, rape, dominate black people – but hey… at least there’s still women! And maybe in a few generations they’ll get over the fact they lost the civil war because they were pieces of shit and God doesn’t want to have anything to do with them. But as Romney knows – Satan is right there waiting for you all!

-no offense to the lovely four-leggeds. Don’t think they would hate a dog because he/she came from mexico. But they’d kill each other for a bone. That’s about the only correlation.


mr snuffleupagus

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I’m not in the business of shaming,

But if you come at me – there is only you to be blaming,

Being a survivor is not an identifier,

But being told to remain silent is a sin,

Should signs not be put up to warn people of the dangers of a vacant sewer cap?

Why not can I then share my stories of pain,

With those around,

Perhaps healing will be found,

I feel bad when I hurt another,

Even if it is my perpetrator,

I have a heart my brother says,

How do I express myself honestly and share my stories successfully without showing the creatures around me for being as dark as a soul can get – cannot forget.

I always hear people say, hey he wasn’t that bad.. right? I mean we are all three dimensional.

So let him babysit your kids and see

So you like him – I get it – so you love him  – make me sick, nah forget it

Evil is an interesting thing, tangible and real… as he gropes for a feel

To murder a child is bad

To a rape a woman is … sad? I’m sure it’s her fault – even if she was five, six, seven, eight…

At what point does the evil own the mistake

At what point do I ever become free – or is this nightmare to always follow me

Like Big bird’s best friend – this evil, only I can see

what a waste

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I was somewhere when I saw a frog

He was quite the hog

Big and bullish

Long and tall

He looked towards me and grinned

I smiled back – seemed like the only polite thing to do

She crocked and said

“Little two feet walker, where is your head?”

I was in shock but replied, “Attached to my neck?”

She crocked again, “If you kill us all dead, then you shall too. How do you not see this, stupid two.”

She crocked and left and I stood their ashamed.

“But it isn’t my game!” I tried to let her know

How could I possibly show

That even though they are not at their best I am not like the rest

Somewhere I went, walking on still

Head full of crocks as I came upon a hill

Clap Clap – went a tall bird with her orange bill

“Why you so crazy thick legs?”, She asked

I cocked my head and noticed a tiny frog leg caught between her lips.

“I didn’t know I was crazy.” I answered, “Suppose that’s why I am.”

“I fly and fly, all around.” She began

“I see how things change on the ground,

Your strong thick legs are taking over the land

I lose water and food to the man.

Don’t you need to drink, don’t you eat?”

With that her jaw clapped and the leg was gone.

A few pumps of her wings and soon so was she.

“Why is everyone yelling at me?” I pondered as I continued my trek.

I walked down the hill and came to a stream

The water was murky and clean

I saw a large fish swimming beneath a vibrant gleam

I couldn’t see for some time as the light hurt my eye

“Darkness you live in, this is true. That is why the light bothers you.” I assume the fish spoke

“You take from me everything and make us choke,

On the very air we breathe, you poison it purposely!”

“Please great fish; it is not I but my kind that has gone mad.”

“I see your arms, so long and strong, with many limbs at the end to hold

I have seen your people build great blocks hording water only to take

As our cousin you have made so many mistakes.” She continued

“You kill us with no regard to our lives our hopes or our dreams.

The ocean runs black and the nutritious soil begins to turn to sand

Your days are limited upon this land.”

“Please great fish, hear me forest, I am not your enemy, I am only lost.” I pleaded

She shook her head and submerged out of sight.

I continued to walk – wandered all night

Then I saw the moon so large and bright

She swelled to five times her size and lowered to meet my eyes

“Stomping seed of mine, how I fed you and you did dine

How I changed the landscape forcing your migration

Demanding your evolution to be for me what I needed you to be

For a brief time, we were one, you were loved by everyone

But as of late I am seeing my mistake

You have removed yourself from my love

Thinking you shall rise above

You were to be my protector the guardian of this ALL

until you grew wise enough to fly beyond my borders

to pollinate the universe with my code

I made you strong I made you bold

my story you were supposed to have told

but I am done, making room for another one

I can no longer ask

you have failed every task.”

“I am here!” I replied “I am here for you!! Anything you need me to do!”

“I need you all to die.”

The moon waned and returned and the forest stood still

Until from behind a large growl could be heard

and I thought the human race destroyed – how absurd.

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Time offers a break
To our weary day

An evening of frolic And fun
Nothing expected
I wish this for everyone

No harm to anyone
In its grace

Peaceful play
Evenings warmth
Cobblestone street
Ghost off Jack ceoroack creeps

farewell my love

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Every once in a while

A friend says goodbye

It is his time

It is her way


Oh how I wish I had one more day

Isn’t that what we all say

Except when it is someone we can’t stand

Then we bring out the band


But those times, in a wicked way, are fun

But not when your heart losses someone


That gaping hole

That constant ache

Death is – has to be a mistake


It isn’t

As cruel as that sounds

We will all end up back in the ground


All I can say

In this most pathetic way

See you my love

In another place

In another way.


I’m so glad,

I met you that day,

and am forever grateful,

we did play