Lost and Bound

allow me to reiterate – I am insane.
I do not fit in this world and find it not worth trying.  I am – me.  I do not pretend to be wise, and I fake very few things in this lifetime.  This site – in particular is for me.  This is where my verbal vomit goes to die. 
2012 Revolt

2012 Revolt

So what lies here is lost,
it does not and can not exist,
pay it no mind and give it no thought,
eat that pink paste burger you bought,
suck down those bills and swallow those taxes… uh-ah no spitting, take it all.
Don’t worry and don’t bother,
you will pass away like any other,
then your children will become,
what you have made for them
bequeath them knee pads at least
perhaps a towel to clean themselves off with
when corporate and country are done with them.
they will have less than you ever did

Leave your mark or go for a walk. Both sound pretty nice.

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